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About Us - Weaver's Auto Center

Weaver’s Past, Present, and Future

Since 1975, Weaver’s Collision Center has been eager to help make the Shawnee and surrounding communities safer. What makes us unique is the love and appreciation we feel for all of our customers – we’ll never take you or your safety for granted.

We do all of our work with passion and curiosity, always enthusiastic to advance with the times and offer the finest, most cutting-edge solutions to our customers. We know that what we do doesn’t boil down to just fixing oil leaks or giving your car a new coat of paint. For us, this is so much more than good old manual labor – it’s a labor of love.

Here in our home town, people rely on their vehicles every day. We use our cars to go shopping, pick up the kids, go to work, or take a vacation. That’s why we see our work as an integral contribution to our community, and we are proud of the service that we provide.

At Weaver’s Auto Center, we’re really just a group who do what’s best by our customers. We’re mothers and fathers, husbands, wives, daughters, sons, and friends. We know how busy life is and how stressful things like car repair can be, which is where we step in to give you peace of mind.

By combining our years of expertise, experience, and various certifications, we bring you the best solutions in the business. Our trained and certified technicians, along with state-of-the-art facilities are truly a safe place for you and your car.

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Our Vision

To improve the quality of life for the people we touch.

Our Mission