Find A Subaru Body Shop in Kansas City

Looking for a Subaru Body Shop in Kansas City?

When looking for a Subaru body shop in Kansas City, it’s important to know what separates the great shops from the not-so-great. Your insurance company will likely suggest that you bring your car to one of their ‘preferred’ shops.  In most cases, this is not the best course of action, and this article will explain why.

Perhaps the first thing to look for in a Subaru body shop in Kansas City is whether or not the shop is actually certified by Subaru itself.  The Subaru Certified Collision title is only awarded to shops that have fully met all of the requirements insisted upon by Subaru.

These requirements include extensive training for the technicians working on your vehicle. They must also have all the right equipment to restore your car back to it’s original factory specifications. One size does not fit all, here. The shop must have the ability to accurately recalibrate the high tech components of Subaru Eyesight Driver Assist Technology. (A great article on this topic may be found here).

No matter what shop you are looking at, ask them if they only use genuine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This is another requirement for shops to be certified with Subaru.  You don’t want aftermarket, or even worse – junkyard or salvaged parts to be put on your Subaru, do you? Shops that are in partnership with your insurance company don’t get to argue on your behalf when your insurer wants to use substandard or previously damaged parts to maximize their profit margins. You should choose a shop that will fight for the right repair, instead of the cheapest or fastest.

Subaru Body Shop in Kansas City

Another thing to look for when searching for a Subaru body shop in Kansas City is how they are rated across multiple online review sites.  Be sure to check Google Reviews, Yelp and Facebook, as well any other industry review sites.. Don’t just look for the star rating… but also the volume of reviews that the shop has.  By looking at several sites, you will gain a more accurate picture of the quality of work produced by the body shop.  It’s one thing to have a 4.5 star rating with only 20 reviews. It’s another thing entirely to have consistent 4.8 star ratings across multiple review sites, covering more than 1,000 reviews!  Choose wisely.

There are only 6 body shops in the Kansas City area who have been awarded the Subaru Certified Collision designation.  When your insurance company tries to get you to go to one of their own shops, simply ask if that shop is certified by Subaru for the proper repair of your vehicle.  Remember, you have a choice of where to take your vehicle. The only reason your insurer ‘suggests’ certain shops is that they have a financial interest in you taking it there.

You didn’t cut corners when you chose the safety and reliability of your Subaru vehicle.  Don’t cut corners when it comes to where you should take it in the event of an accident. And above all else, don’t just take it to the shops that your insurer ‘recommends’. Insist upon only the best Subaru body shop in Kansas City for the safety of you and your family.


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