To enjoy a smooth ride, the engine needs to purr like a kitty. Unfortunately, dust, dirt and debris constantly try to make their way into the engine and the inner workings of your vehicle, which is why having new, clean filters is so important. At Weaver’s Auto Center, we offer filter replacement and checkups, so rest assured that we will notify you if your filters need to be replaced. This will help prolong the lifespan of your vehicle, and produce a more satisfying driving experience.

Air Filters – The filter in your engine protects it from dust and debris, both of which can severely impact the vehicle’s performance and even your safety on the road if the filter gets dirty or worn out. Installing a new air filter will increase fuel efficiency, reduce emissions and extend the engine’s lifespan.

Cabin Air Filters – Over time, the filter in your AC system can get clogged and dirty, which will drastically reduce the quality of the air you breathe while driving. This is not only bad for your health, but the functioning of the AC system as well, which is why replacing the air filters is the best option for improving AC performance as well as the quality of the air in the passenger cabin.

Fuel Filters – The last thing you want is for your engine to stall or to start behaving oddly in the middle of a freeway, which is why your fuel filters need to be in top shape. We’ll replace your fuel filters to ensure stellar engine performance by preventing dust, debris, and rust particles from getting in.

Fluids, Oil and Filter – When you visit Weaver’s Auto Center, we will inspect filters, oil, and fluids and replace them as necessary to ensure your vehicle gets back on the road in the best operating condition possible.

Air Filters